Johnson's Locust Hall Farm

2691 Monmouth Rd.
Jobstown, NJ


Family Fun Corn Maze

6 Acres of Adventure


Kids of all ages have a blast walking through!  This is a family friendly activity, so you will not encounter anything scary as you walk the paths.  Stop at each station on your 5 acres Corn Maze Map for silly pictures and hole-punch your card to mark your journey.  Climb onto the bridge in the middle of the corn maze for a great view of the fields.  Make it an adventure and have fun!

Our corn maze is great for families or an add on to your birthday party.  We want you to have fun and won’t take much more than 10 minutes to complete.  Make sure you bring comfortable shoes and maybe a hat.  After your are done, you can visit our Farmer’s Market for a snack or something to drink.

When you get back from the Corn Maze, we welcome you to do some pumpkin picking, pick your own apples and enjoy our fall family activities.  While you’re here, every weekend in September and October we celebrate with a fall festival.   Our fall festival includes live music, food tents and other family activities.

Cost of our corn maze is $4.50 per person .  Corn maze hayride?  Yes, you must take a hayride to get to the corn maze – it’s a big farm, and the corn maze, is well.. amazingly far from our Farmer’s Market.  Hayride cost is $4.50 per person.