Johnson's Locust Hall Farm

2691 Monmouth Rd.
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JOHNSON’S LOCUST HALL FARM in Springfield Township,
Welcome to our Historic Preserved Farm!

Spring Field Trips 

Spring-time on the farm is one of our favorite times of the year!  The air is crisp and refreshing, flowers are in bloom, the wildlife is active and some the first crops of year become readily available for harvest.  By May 15th here on the farm we will have strawberries, snap peas, radishes, and spinach!  Get your farmer hands ready for picking and minds ready for learning!  Our very own farmers will take you on a unforgettable tour.

Radish Picking Farm Tour Hayride – April 29 to June 12

The spring season kicks off our year with our Farm School Hayride. This trip was developed to teach children how plants grow, how to care for them and how to appreciate farming. This farm lesson is conducted in one of our historic barns with a variety of seeds the children can plant. Each child plants 4 seeds and learns how to care for them at home. We love to see future farmers at work! This trip also includes a Farm tour and explanation of what is going on at the farm in the spring.

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Strawberry Picking Farm Tour Hayride – May 15 to June 18

Our spring season concludes with our mouth watering strawberry picking tour. This trip includes a hayride to the strawberry fields where the children pick a pint of berries and adults pick a quart.

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Deluxe Strawberry Picking & Farm Tour Hayride – May 15 to June 18

For a truly deluxe experience your group can combine strawberry picking with the planting tour. This tour will include a seed-planting lesson in one of our barns and a Farm Tour Hayride to pick a pint of strawberries. The children will get the full farm experience. From planting and growing seeds to harvesting and taking home our sweet strawberries.

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Crops Availability:
Schedule Your Reservation around your class learning
or what crop we are picking!
Want to pick a different crop? Just Ask!
First comes Radishes in Late April, then Spinach in Early May,
Snap Peas & Strawberries Mid May, Flowers
& Raspberries Mid June


  • $12.00 per person for the regular tour
  • $14.00 per person for the Deluxe Tour
  • There is a minimum of 15 people to make a reservation
  • One free person per 15 paid

Picking Hayrides and More! All tours include a hayride. Picking of seasonal crops or seed planting, use of our picnic area, and animal feeding in the Animal Farm, coloring sheets and teacher information.

Below is a chart of tours and dates that are available throughout our season!

Hayride Dates
 Farm Hayride Tour  April 29 to may 15th
 Strawberry Picking Tour  May 15 to June 18
 Jr. Farmer 1/2 Summer Camp Tour
(select weeks Avail.)
 June 22 to August 26
 Apple Picking Tour  Mid Sept. to Early Oct.
 Pumpkin Picking Tour  Early Oct. to Oct. 31st
 November Picking and Demonstration Tour  Nov. 1st to Late Nov.

Deluxe Tours & More Crop picking options Available !


We highly recommend that you Join our email list to get seasonal updates and find out what is going on at the farm. Picking dates can change by as much as a week or 10 days from year to year. Our Farm News Emails allow us to keep our customers informed and up to date on the picking season.