Johnson's Locust Hall Farm

2691 Monmouth Rd.
Jobstown, NJ




Whether Spring, Summer, or Fall, historic 325 acre Johnsons Locust Hall Farm is the perfect classroom for groups to enjoy a fun, hands-on STEM learning experience about the science and history of farming agriculture and technology.

In order to reinforce the STEM concepts participants learned at the farm all group leaders will receive a follow-up lesson plan.

Everyone also brings home the delicious produce that they picked from our fields in which the very first iron plow was demonstrated over 200 years ago!

EARLY SPRING FIELD TRIPS (May 1st-May 18th) The spring season kicks off our year with our Farm School Hayride. This trip was developed to teach children how plants grow, how to care for them and how to appreciate farming. This farm lesson is conducted in one of our historic barns with a variety of seeds the children can plant. Each child plants seeds and learns how to care for them at home. We love to see future farmers at work! This trip also includes a Farm tour and explanation of what is going on at the farm in the spring.

SPRING FIELD TRIPS ( May 18th- June 21st) Spring time on the farm is one of our favorite times of the year!  The air is crisp and refreshing, flowers are in bloom, the wildlife is active and some the first crops of year are becoming readily available for harvest.  By mid-May, we typically have strawberries, snap peas, radishes, and spinach!  June 4th is when the raspberries will begin to ripen and not long after that is when we typically start to harvest blackberries. Get your farmer hands ready for picking and minds ready for learning!

SUMMER CAMP FIELD TRIPS (June 21st-Aug 26th) ½ Day Special
Enjoy morning farm activities and a unique Farm learning experience. Start the day off with a hayride tour around the farm & Pick your own seasonal crops. All guests will be allowed to pick and take home a pre-predetermined amount of produce. Next, visit our barnyard friends and feed them! Followed by Lunchtime which takes place in our historic barns and afterwards the ice cream is on us! available to summer camps, organized summer groups, or a group of friends looking for a true farm experience.
(min. of 15 Req.) GROUP FULL DAY PROGRAMS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL CHARGE (June 21st-Aug 26th) sweet corn, sunflowers and peaches.

FALL FIELD TRIPS (Sept 17th- Nov. 16th) The Fall months on the farm are a beautiful time of year. The apple trees are full of several different varieties. The Pumpkin Patch is bursting with perfect pumpkins and the Popcorn is ready to harvest when November rolls around.  So come to Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm to pick your own pumpkins, pick your own apples and more!apples, pumpkins, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, popcorn.

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Crops Availability:
Schedule Your Reservation around your class learning
or what crop we are picking!
Want to pick a different crop? Just Ask!
First comes Radishes and Spinach in early May,
Snap Peas & Strawberries Mid May,
& Raspberries Mid June


  • $12.00 per person for the regular tour
  • $14.00 per person for the Deluxe Tour
  • There is a minimum of 15 people to make a reservation
  • One free person per 15 paid

Picking Hayrides and More! All tours include a hayride. Picking of seasonal crops or seed planting, use of our picnic area, and animal feeding in the Animal Farm, coloring sheets and teacher information.


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