Johnson's Locust Hall Farm

2691 Monmouth Rd.
Jobstown, NJ


Hey guys my name is William Johnson and I’m going to tell you a little bit about our bakery and what we make fresh here on the farm.  In the year 2013 Eric and Peter Johnson saw the potential in Locust Hall’s scenic beauty and historical importance and purchased the farm to launch Johnson’s Farm second location.  We named the 320 acre Farm Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm.  We wanted to follow a similar business model as Johnson’s Corner Farm in Medford New Jersey.  With that being said we absolutely needed to have the infamous Cider Donuts!  The Baked Goods have been a crowd-pleaser for many years at the Corner and we want to continue the tradition of baking fresh right here on the farm.
 As the seasons change so does our pie selection except for a couple of the staples such as Apple and Dutch Apple.  As Summer approaches and fruits ripen you can expect to find Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb and an assortment of berry pies. As Summer turns into Fall we begin baking pumpkin and pecan pies.  NEW for the menu this year is Chicken Pot Pies.  My Grandmother created the secret recipe for the Pot Pie many years ago when she worked at Johnson’s Corner Farm.  Her recipe withstood the test of time and remains exactly the same to this day.  At Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm we are now taking that recipe and baking them fresh daily!