Johnson's Locust Hall Farm

2691 Monmouth Rd.
Jobstown, NJ


Spring-time Family Fun

Pick your own crops, hayrides, farm fresh market, pasture raised beef and more at the Farm!

What better way to bring in the warm weather than to take a day to get out in nature and come to the farm?! Located in Jobstown, Burlington County New Jersey, our trees are blooming, and we will be very busy farming to provide you with delicious, fresh produce!


Strawberries, Spinach, Radish, and Sugar Snap Peas!

Johnson’s Locust Hall Lettuce is huge! Imagine a head of fresh green lettuce twice the size of your head! and it’s delicious too! The perfect lettuce to use in your salads, lettuce wraps, and stir fries!

The best thing about these spring crops? The way you get to pick them!

Radishes, the first crop of the season, come straight from the earth. You get to dig them up, so get ready to get your hands dirty! Believe us, the fresh produce tastes even better after you pick it yourself and this way you know it hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for weeks!

Spinach comes next! Just pluck the ripe spinach leaves off of the plant so the inner leaves have longer to grow! There is so much you can do with Spinach from putting it in your salads to throwing it in your blender to make your own baby food!

TIP: The best way to keep spinach fresh is to keep it in the fridge with its roots in a bowl of water! It will stay crisp and fresh for a week if kept like this!

Sugar snap peas are the best snack when they come straight from the vine! Just make sure you wait to wash off all produce before chowing down. Dip them in hummus or eat them plain!

Our pick your own strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries will be ready for harvest this spring! These berries are famous for staining pickers fingers red and purple, but believe us, it’ll be well worth the extra hand washing to be able to eat fresh berries with whipped cream for dessert that night.

SPRING Birthday Parties can be booked before we open for the season, Call 609-353-9000 for more info!

Strawberry Hayride Picking Tours begin May 15th! Start Booking Now!

Plan your next visit to our farm.  Don’t know where we are? We are in Jobstown New Jersey, about 15 minutes from Exit 6 of the  New Jersey Turnpike.  A short drive from Trenton and Toms River.  A little longer from Newark and New York City. Get Directions.